Coin Information

Wirtland crane

Name of coin
Wirtland Crane
Year(s) Issued
Daniel Carr
Countries Issued in
Face Value
Gold, 24 carat

Wirtland Crane is a new gold coin issued in July 2009 by Wirtland (more information about Wirtland is below) . Wirtland Crane is considered to be the world’s first gold coin produced by an internet-based (virtual) country. The 1/10 oz. coins are minted in 24 carat gold, in cooperation with coin designer Daniel Carr and his company “Moonlight Mint”. Daniel Carr is creator of “Amero” coin, and author of the New York and Rhode Island 2001 statehood quarters. Wirtland is not seeking to introduce a new internationally recognized currency. “Wirtland Crane” coins formally have status similar to that of commemorative or collectors’ coins and medals. Its competitive price allows Wirtland Crane to be used also as an investment tool. Wirtland Crane can be purchased online directly from the mint's online store. The total mintage of Wirtland Crane will be limited, and the price (currently 135 USD / 95 euros) will be reflecting the current price of gold.


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About Wirtland:

Wirtland is an internet-based sovereign state, an experiment into legitimacy and self-sustainability of a country without its own soil. Wirtland was founded on August 14, 2008 as a public initiative. Its population is currently approximately 700 citizens from all five continents. It is represented through its official website, its social network, and “The Times of Wirtland”.

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