Coin Information

USD 50 Cent

Name of coin
Half Dollar
Year(s) Issued
Frank Gasparro
Countries Issued in
United States
Face Value
0.5 USD
91% Copper, 7% Nickel

The Half Dollar, a fifty-cent coin, is an uncommonly seen denomination of United States currency.

The first half dollars were dated 1794 and featured a flowing haired representation of Liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. The rare 1796 and 1797 half dollars featured a different Liberty design. When the denomination was restored in 1801, a heraldic eagle reverse was chosen. The popular Capped Bust half design debuted in 1807 and ended in 1839, with edge and composition changes along the way.

The current half dollar design is known as the Kennedy Fifty or Kennedy Half-D.


The design is an Eagle holding wheat and a shield on its back. Kennedy's obverse revolutionized stamping because of the visible weaves and strands of his hair.

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