Coin Information

NZD 20 Cent

Name of coin
Spanish Flower
Year(s) Issued
Reserve Bank
Countries Issued in
New Zealand
Face Value
0.2 NZD
Plated Steel

For the classic 20 Cent coin, see NZD 5 Cent Kiwi.

The New Zealand twenty cent coin was first introduced in 1967 to replace the florin. It is silver in color, and has a fully milled edge. In 1990 when the Kiwi Dollar came into circulation, the decision was made to change the design on the twenty cent coin because it was very similar to that of the Kiwi Dollar. From 1990 onwards, new twenty cent coins featured a Maori "Pukaki" carving, however, both versions were accepted until demonetization in 2006.

The revised twenty cent coin (2006 onwards) bears the same Maori Carving design, but the coin is much smaller and made of nickel plated steel instead of cupro-nickel. The milling is also changed to a pattern called "Spanish flower". The infobox on the left is that of the new twenty cent coin.

Trivia/Variety's Edit

  • In 1975 some twenty cent coins were accidentally struck on Hong Kong $2 blanks. Only a few are known and are worth approximately $2400 New Zealand Dollars.