Coin Information

5 Yen

Name of coin
Year(s) Issued
Countries Issued in
Face Value
0.05 ¥
Copper, Zinc

The 5 yen coin, known in Japanese as 5円硬貨(Go-enkoka), is one denomination of Japanese yen. The current design was first minted in 1959 using Japanese characters known as the "new script", and were also minted from 1949-1958 using "old-script" Japanese characters.


The front of the coin depicts a rice plant growing out of the water, with "five yen" written in kanji; the back is stamped with "Japan" and the year of issue, also in kanji, separated by sprouts of a tree. The three graphic elements of the coin represent agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the key elements of the Japanese first-sector economy. Around a hole, there is a gear that represent industry. It is the only Japanese coin in circulation to lack Arabic numerals on either face. 5 Yen coins usually loose shine in a year or in a couple of months.

No arabic numerals? Edit

How should non-Japanese know what the coin's value is if it doesn't have a numeral 5? In cartoons, the coin does have a numeral 5 in place of kanji symbols.

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