Coin Information

JPY 500 Yen

Name of coin
Year(s) Issued
Countries Issued in
Face Value
500 ¥
Copper, Zinc, Nickel

The 500 Yen (500円 Gohyaku-en) is one denomination of Japanese Yen. This coin is one of the most valulable circulating coins (with a value of $4.90 as of July 2014), second to the GBP 5 Pound commemorative coins and the Swiss 5-franc coins.

The 500 Yen was first minted in 1982 to replace the old 500 yen note. There are not many differences between the older and the newer 500 Yen, but the two most noted are the security marks not inscribed in the 0s, but the rims, and the metal/thickness. Although the new 500 Yen is unique to the Japanese Yen, the older has less counterfeiting.

The obverse of the coin depicts Paulownia, a type of Japanese flower, spreading around the coin with the kanji for "Japan" and "Five Hundred Yen." The reverse shows the numerals "500" and the date of issue in kanji.

However, the 2000 design removes the 0's' counters in the 500 numeral.

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